Don’t Fight to Stay Where You Are Not Wanted.... Read it Again!

Whew CHILE.... we've all been through it or at least MOST of us have. Fighting for something or someone that is just not right for us. Staying where we are not wanted, barely tolerated and definitely not celebrated but we stay. Why? Well my dear, I couldn't begin to tell you even if I wanted to. 

I been there. Man I was there for A LONG TIME. Fighting for a situation that was just unhealthy for me. I cried more than I laughed but I stayed. I really thought I could love hard enough for the both of us, but sometimes, MOST TIMES, love is not enough. How dare u say that?? Love conquers all right?!? WRONG! 

Listen, listen, listen LINDA! Listen to me! Love is simply just not enough! Trust, respect, peace of mind, happiness these things matter too! Actually, they matter A LOT! We have got to stop pouring into people and situations that do not pour into us. All we are doing is hurting ourselves and then blaming someone else for our hurt. YEP, I said it. We are hurting ourselves and then blaming someone else for our pain.

But the fact of the matter is YOU CHOSE TO STAY. And once you make that decision at that point you have no one to blame but yourself! I know that made you angry, made me angry first time I heard it too! But I will never forget this one night in college, sitting on a bench in the middle of the night BAWLING my eyes out. BAWLING MY EYES OUT IN PUBLIC!

Smh real fool I was. And a friend of mine at the time saw me and asked me what was wrong. I sat their and I poured out my heart and soul to this guy, tears falling, snot dripping hot emotional mess. And this man looked me right in my eyes and said "Jessica that man don't owe you a thing. He owes you nothing!" 


I was shocked! I was angry! I was downright FLABBERGASTED! He don't owe me nothing? Wha u mean he don't owe me nothing??? You ain't just hear everything I tell you. Man I couldn't believe what this man jus told me but he was absolutely right! 

No one owes you anything. No matter what you do, how much or how hard you love, how much you care THEY OWE YOU NOTHING! However, YOU owe it to yourself to do right by you. Take yourself out of toxic situations wether friendships, relationships even FAMILY. Remove yourself from things that not longer help you grow, that cause you pain. It only makes you grow bitter and angry and that no way to live life. 

Pour into you before you pour into anything and anyone else. Love you before you love anyone else and walk away from anything that no longer brings you joy. Trust me, I know it hurts at first but you come out way better in the end.

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